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Judging books by their covers.  

I'm back with another cover!  This is the last of the initial three covers I made for our 3rd World comic.  I experimented a little with the process this time.  Instead of inking my pencils I went ahead and painted it using watercolors.  After that I decided it needed a little more definition so I inked over top of my colors.  I certainly has a different effect and for the most part I like the way it turned out.  It's a simple design that hopefully conveys what the reader will find inside the book.  I also think this cover really sticks out because of the starkness of the white background.  That was the intent at least.  



I tried to make create all three of the initial covers with a unifying style, something to give myself direction and help the readers recognize and remember our story.  I choose this minimal design focusing each issues cover on a single character hoping to grow interest in each.  I also didn't want to end up with twenty covers of our protagonist Moonfish, even though I think she's a wonderful character.  




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