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Juke Box Hero

Ok, two Comic Curves about character design might be pushing it.  Especially since I'm working things out as I go.  These guys are going to be showing up in a lot more pressing project than the opossum, and I'm approaching them from a very different place.  If nothing else it should be interesting to compare approaches to designing different characters.


These characters are going to be the super hero types of 3rd World.  I want them to look heroic, like good silver age good guys.  Good silver age teams had, good silver age outfits.  Something like the Doom Patrol or X-Men when they started out.  The question then becomes, what can I choose that's iconic and different.  I tried to land somewhere between Ninja Turtles and Daredevil/Elektra.  These are my heroes, and this story is going to be nothing if not an homage to my heroes of old.

The next sticking point for me was now, how to make a uniform look unique on each person.  I don't want people to be confused with which hero is which.  I'm still not totally sure if I'm pulling it off, and I've got two more heroes to go.  It really helped that I had all the characters powers and personalities laid out well before I started drawing anything.  Vivace is fast so I gave her pointy boots to bring attention to her legs, and long tails on her mask to flow behind her as she moves.  Rest is going to be my core of the team, his is the outfit that everyone else's is a variation of.  I gave him boots and gloves, his outfit covers his entire arms and legs.  The knee pads are mostly aesthetic, but I wanted a bigger place to try and showcase their emblem, aside from just each heroes belt.  Legato is going to be my stretchy, sneaky girl.  I gave her shorts and short sleeves to really draw attention to her elongating limbs.  The ribbons around her legs and arms also should help in exaggeration the stretches.  Her barefeet are to try and imply that she's more quiet than the other ones.

After the pencil sketches where I just tried to draw the characters looking the same way in lots of positions I tried a bigger piece trying to take what I'd learned and coloring them.  The red color is a tribute to Daredevil as well as being a good eye catching color that should separate them a lot from most everything else in 3rd World.  I've got two more heroes to go, but I think I'm off to a good start at achieving my goals of having my heroes in a uniform and still looking unique from each other.

Next time I promise to talk about something new.

-Jon O

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