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Issue 1 - Journey into the Unknown

Just finished up the third issue of 3rd World and I think this is a perfect time to look back over what I've done and figure out what has worked and what hasn't.  As near as I can calculate I've been working on this project for a year now and I've complete 65 pages.  It's an impressive stack of comic boards, but I really hope I can streamline my process and get more done next year.   



The first issue was also my first attempted at producing a full length comic book and it turned out to be quite a task.  I remember everything going as planned and on schedule until it came time to color.  I greatly underestimated the time it would take to flat all my pages.  I remember thinking I'd never get finished.  I did, of course, get finished and that's the greatest accomplishment of the first issue.  It was a proof of concept really.  After proving that I could make a comic I had absolutely no more excuses, in a sense it was "go time".  It's been that way ever since.  I really can't put into words what it's been like since then.  There have been times of joy, honor and pride but there have also been tears, doubt and sacrifice.  Just like anything you have to take the good with the bad and continue to push forward to your goals.  The experience has changed me to the point where comics define my life.


The first issue was completely redone after my first try fell a little flat.  The pictures included here show some of the before and after images.  


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