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Batman and Son

When I first started thinking of creating comics I always fancied myself a writer.  I spent months on the scripts for 3rd World.  I researched and built the history of the world, thought about the motivations of each character, where they were from, why they behaved the way they did.  I wrote and rewrote, edited, read over, edited some more.  Hopefully it turned out o.k., I don't want to over massage anything and dilute the story.  I'm also aware it's my first script and there are some flaws in it.

I also routinely write and draw at least 3 comic strips for Public Education a week.  This gives me practice with sequential story telling and helps me think about how timing works in the medium.  On the penciling side of things it also helps me work on conveying emotions through my cartooning.  It doesn't help me with any long term narrative pieces though.  That's what I wanted to work on.

My new years resolution was to write a 22 page script a week.  Professionals do it.  I should be practicing that too.  I tried to script a little Batman story my first week and it was a disaster.  On top of my other comic responsibilities I fell woefully behind and gave up on my very first endeavor.

My second week I've toned it back to an 8 page script.  It also helps that a friend wants to try and pencil some comics and asked me to write him something short and sweet to try his hand at.  This gave me an audience to try and please and plenty of freedom.  I think trying to write an established character was paralyzing instead of an easy start.  I felt like my story had to be at a certain level to deal with the bat, where my story could be anything at all.  As long as it was fun for my friend to try and draw.

Setting a smaller more realistic goal really helped, maybe I can work my way up from here.  The important thing is that I practice writing every week.  And that's what I'll do.  Batman always teaches us lessons.  Yeah, he scares the !#$@ out of us, but he's a determined somebody.  That's what I what I'm striving for.

-Jon O

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