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Issue Three - Triple Threat

What can I say about issue three of 3rd World hmmm ... trouble comes to mind.  This issue was full of trails and tribulations, how would I draw Lady Archane, how would I deal with the lighting inside her great tree, what should the first Vicer look like?  All of these questions were floating around in my head as I started the first page.  I had drawn page after page of concept art but it did little to focus my vision.  So as I always do in these situations I plunged head first into my work determined to figure it out as I went along. For the most part I'm happy with how everything came out and I met my deadline but there are a few pages that seem like missed opportunities.  For example the pages where our characters find themselves inside the great spiders tree didn't end up anything like I envisioned them.  My goal was to created a moody shadow covered room with little visibility, then have Lady Arcane slowly emerge from the shadows. What I ended up with was far from the shadowy room I intended for.  Luckily I still think the pages work as far as storytelling goes and I can promise the next time I attempt a shadowy room it will come out better.  



-Timothy O'Briant

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