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I've been involved in a comic reading challenge with a group of people on from 11 O'clock Comics, and it's gotten me reading a lot more books than normal.  Of course I love comics, but when you read a plethora of amazing works all in a row you start to notice things in their art that you might not otherwise take note of. 

I'm hoping to emulate Edlund's pacing of the Tick as I layout the first issue of my children's comic.  Every page is eye catching and energetic.  I want to capture this kind of feeling to help grab the kids attention and keep the pacing at a fast clip.  Every story will end within 24 pages, which is going to be a fun challenge and...erm...change of pace.

While writing Awful Lot I've been comparing it to Jeffrey Brown's Clumsy as seen through a Chuck Jones filter.  Timothy called me out on a much more apt comparison to Roger Langridge.  I really respect and love Langridge's work, and I think he's probably the funniest writer in comics.  Awful Lot's panels are framed in a very similar way to Langridges work in Art D'ecco and Zoot Suite.  Lots of midshots looking straight on at the characters as they deliver they're dialogue.  I'd never noticed the similarity before, but I feel subconciously that has to be where I learned that.

I want to always stay aware of the media I'm consuming.  By assembling a wide variety of influences I can broaden my own options when approaching art.  By studying the work of people I admire I can learn their tricks and better articulate myself through the medium.  At least that's the goal.

-Jon O

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