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The Starving Artist

Budgeting has become a very real concern in my life and comics are a significant portion of that.  I obviously have a passion for creating comics, this very blog is a tribute to that.  As with any art I've pursued, my main motivator has been to share my ideas with other people in a unique and personal manner.  The problem I'm running into is that it costs a good deal of money to produce the physical comics.  With well over a thousand dollars in Mera and Public Education copies sitting at the house, I'm starting to second guess how many copies of the first 3rd World book I can reasonably afford.

3rd World is going to be more expensive than either book I have made so far.  It's going to be in a larger format.  It's going to be in color.  It will be nearly 150 pages.  I'm not sure how much it will actually cost to do an initial run of 100 copies (that has been my size for the first printings of Mera and P.E) but I'm certain that I'm in no shape to pony up that dough at present.

So now the questions begin to arise:  Do I cut back the print run and lose out on any discounts on printing?  Do I delay the printing of 3rd World until I can save up some money?  Do I start looking to other print on demand sites that might be able to swing a better deal?  Maybe I just get a few "review" copies to send out to some close fans and colleagues and then direct everyone to buy their individual copies from Lulu.  The truth is I don't know the answer yet, but I need to figure it out within the next month or so.

-Jon O

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