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I've spent most of the past two days trying to make some comics into physical books.  It's been an abysmal process.  I've combined my two 24 hour comics into one volume and have a trial copy coming to me in the mail.  I don't plan on printing a lot of these, but one copy of the book is nice to have to show my students.  I feel like if I keep updating this project after each 24 hr kids comic I do, then I will eventually have a pretty cool book to market.  This wasn't too bad.

3rd World has continued to be a thorn in my publishing side.  There were problems with the way the pages were formatted, and it took more work on both Timothy and my part since we weren't always clear about where files were put.  Then there was the time involved in uploading 130+ pages, and now it appears that about half the books lettering is noticablely worse than the rest.  I don't know whether or not the problem is in the conversion to a pdf, and if it will show up on the book.  All this headache for an unaffordable copy of 3rd World just to be able to show people.  It's been a mess.  I don't really want to drop the money to have the hard copy made, but then I'm not really looking forward to starting over again using KaBlam instead of Lulu.

It's felt like a tremendous waste of a day.  Blech.

- Jon O

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