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Writing with Purpose

This week I began scripting for my new webcomic.  I have decided it is going to be a webcomic and have moved forward.  I'm approaching this one a little bit differently than I have any prior projects.  With Mera I went from plotting to storyboards to scripts.  This idea is a bit more talky than anything else I've done  and so I'm starting with the scripts and I'm going to build in the panels based off of what's being said.  Sort of a reverse Marvel style to script writing.



Every idea is still fluid, easily altered if it doesn't work later.  This gives me a framework to try and build witty dialogue into each panel as the story is constructed.  With Mera my focal point was storytelling.  I wanted every panel to flow into the next one without interruption.  I had music, lyrics, narration, and dialogue to help carry the meaning of the work.  The comedy in this strip will live or die on diction and pacing.  That's my mission statement for this work.



Another possible benefit toward starting with my dialogue ties into a goal for my pencilling.  I certainly have a cartoony, caricature driven style.  The real strength of these more exaggerated representations is in the exaggerated emotions they can convey.  My hope is that having strong dialogue and interplay between the characters before I begin pencilling will help me draw emotive characters that can really sell those specific lines and feelings.

Grand plans starting out, but I wouldn't want to be starting a project I wasn't excited about.

-Jon O

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