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Summer break is here and I'm going to try and use my extra free time to build myself a healthy cushion on the next webcomic.  The plan is to release weekly so I'm going to make sure I get at least two pages completed each week of the summer.  Hopefully some weeks I'll complete a good deal more.  It has been a lot of fun pencilling some comics again.  I've been doing a lot more writing lately and I really enjoy both sides of cartooning.

One of the things people have praised about Mera was that I clearly portrayed people's emotions through my simple scribbles.  I'm trying to keep that and expand upon it.  I've been studying Chuck Jones to try and absorb as many tricks as I can.  Looney Tunes are the pinnacle of making anthropomorphic characters emote.  By focusing on eye shape, pupil location, and body posture I'm trying to make my characters feel animated because of their changing proportions, instead of in spite of them.

 As you can see my pencils aren't extrodinarily tight on the page.  I'm trying to be a lot more picky in my inking of this work (maybe this could be a future Comic Curve).  I am trying to make sure I pencil in structured guidelines, but the detail work and refinement hopefully comes in the inks.  The pencils mostly aid me in framing each panel and getting those poses and expressions correct.  I'm going to go back over this page because I'm still not happy with the bat in panel 3.  I have discovered that it's going to be tricky having someone act human with wings attatched to their underarms.  It should be a fun challenge.

Thanks for reading, and you can expect many more Comic Curves on Awful Lot in the coming months.  Starting a new project requires a whole lot of relearning, at least, that's what I'm running into right now.  I'm planning on going live with the project sometime in July, I hope you come back to visit the site then!

-Jon O

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