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My Heroes Con

I'm going to Heroes Con tomorrow!  I've been working on Public Educations most of the night but I can't wait until Friday when I get to be surrounded by a world of comic creators and fans.

Top 3 People to talk to

Alec Longstreth

I met him at Heroes Con last year and his panel with Jeff Smith was the motivating spark to make Mera a reality.  Talking to him at his table last year got me to buy everything he's ever done and literally the only comic I'm a subscriber to.  He's amazing and a true inspiration to me.

Jill Thompson

My students love Magic Trixie.  They're great books that I enjoy as well, but I just can't wait to see Mrs. Thompson and tell her how my kids argue about who gets to read the new Magic Trixie book first and in what order they'll get the book when one finishes.  It's cute when the kids do it, but it'll be great to share that kind of story with the writer/artist.  The art is ridiculously good too. 

Roger Langridge

I heard him speak at Heroes Con last year and had never heard of him before.  I checked out the Muppet Show.  It's hilarious.  I then got Fred the Clown, and it hit that same level of complete intellectual absurdity.  If I could fully develop my personal artistic direction, I'd just be copying Roger Langridge.  Once again, amazing.  Can't wait to tell him he's made a new fan.

It's going to be great!

-Jon O

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