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Busy Bees

As you may have guessed from this late Comic Curve I have been incredibly busy thus far this summer.  The good news is that I'm pretty much on track with what I'm hoping to accomplish over the summer break.  At least comic wise, I've got my summer job and too many friends keeping me busy as well.

I have the files for every page of the Public Education book ready to put onto Lulu to print my first test.  I'm unsure of my resolution size for the files.  If the pages turn out grainy or too digitized I'm going to have to redo all of that work, which would be unfortunate.  If I do have to redo them I'll know not to use 72 dpi again for a printing.  I had to redo every page of Mera, so I won't be surprised if I don't get this all right the first try.

I also have written the rough drafts of the foreward and afterward of the book.  I'm not very happy with either of them yet, but I guess that's a start.  Editting these is going to be getting the majority of my attention now.

I've also pencilled and inked four pages for Awful Lot.  I'm pretty happy with how everything looks so far.  Personally I think it's my strongest comic work yet.  I need to get the lettering done on all four of these pages this weekend.  I still want to go live next month, but I need to get some pages completed before that starts terrifying me.

I've also been watching documentaries on Tex Avery and Chuck Jones, so heres some poor sketches of Looney Tunes I've been fiddling with while watching tv.  Sketching is important when I'm wasting time because then I can feel like I'm getting a little better at something.

-Jon O

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