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Book Burning

I got in my rough draft of the printing of Public Education and for the most part I'm pretty happy.  Yes I am going to be doing another round of edits, but there was nothing I did that was book breaking for the first printing.  That's a step up from my first printing of Mera.

I enjoy the layout of the book and pages, 9x7 was definitely the right choice.  The book feels weighty and takes a good bit of time to read.  Each of the pages seems reproduced well, aside from one strip that I knew had some problems (water damage on the original).

I am going to be changing several things in the book though.  There are a few little things throughout the book that need to be fixed.  The dedication page came through a little digitized and I need to figure out how to fix that.  I'm going to do one more edit of the foreward and afterward.  The strip "Night Pickles" showed up on two different pages somehow and I need to switch that out for one of the other 3 panel pages that got kicked out.  A couple pages have a bit of the comic strip title off the page, and I need to lower and shrink those comics.


There are a couple other little things I'm going to change just because I think they'll bother me if I let them remain.  A word here or there that I think should be changed.  A few teaching tips that I've since rewritten and will hopefully be more enjoyable.  And a panel or two where I want to change a little thing.  For example in "Pinworms" the boys pupils are facing toward the mud puddle, I'm going to use a little white out and move those to face his butt.  I don't think the joke is clear until the Jonny is more clearly looking at his butt.  Just pointing to it is not enough.

It still feels great to be so close, I'll have this book done before we know it.  Thanks for reading!

-Jon O

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