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Mindful of Comics

I'm feeling really slack and crummy about my comics this week.  I've been neglecting to letter Awful Lot for weeks now.  I've still got about a month in the can completely finished, I just haven't mustered up the willpower to sit down and letter the 4 or 5 pages I've penciled and inked over the last month.  I don't mind lettering really, but it isn't very fun for me.  I'm probably going to put it off until the weekend and just try to get another page ready for lettering before Saturday.


Public Education is hitting a high note though.  The book has finished it's first printing and I'm gearing up my advertisements.  Timothy has already added it to the Strips4 store located here and I've started a few passive attempts at getting the word out.  I'm starting out by posting to forums that I'm a member of and sharing with Facebook friends.  Nothing major.  The next step is starting some positive word of mouth.  I'm mailing out a few books to different people who've been supportive of my work and helpful in my endeavors.  I've also passed out a few copies to teachers in my school who have been vocal about the weekly strip.

The other thing that's exciting to me in the world of comics is my recent aquisition of Will Eisner's Comics and Sequential Art.  I've heard many famous people in the comics world speak very highly of this book including the likes of Alan Moore and Scott McCloud.  Eisner is a god in comics, this collection of essays on his process and theories on what makes comics work should be incredibly helpful.  I'm going to try to glean as much information from this master story teller as I can.

I know this was a bit of a scattershot, but sometimes I think that's how life is.  Especially now that I'm juggling multiple projects all the time.  The important thing for me to do is get that lettering done, everything else is going pretty well, but I have a tendency to fixate on my deficits.  Thanks, as always, for listening.

-Jon O

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