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School is Cool

Well, it's my first week back with the students and my first week back to the Public Education grind.  While the teaching has been tough this week it's been a good week for the comics.  I completed four strips instead of my requisite three, which is a good start for having a three day week.

It's felt good to return to Public Education strips, they're sparse and immediate and I really appreciate the expediency in which I can create a product that I'm happy with.  I've figured out that if I have a well laid out idea for the script (which isn't always the case, but often enough) I can go from idea to finished product in under an hour.  That's awesome and rewarding.  To try and capitalize on this further I'm going to be releasing strips that are current to when I create them.  Next weeks strip is coming from this weeks work.  On the last collection I had a backlog queue that was months behind when they were drawn.  The only danger I forsee with working this way is not building up enough strips for the summer holiday.  I guess I'll start to re-evaluate my strategy if I get more worried in the spring.

These are also the first strips that are being made for the second volume of Public Education.  I'm trying to implement a few more ideas into the strip, while keeping the feel largely unchanged.  I want a stronger focus on cartooning so I'm working on having my characters more animated.  It's fun to try represent leaps and attacks through stick figures, it's literally something I've done my whole life.  I'm also planning on being less hesitant with props in the strips.  I did it occasionally in volume one, with stips about aliens and chinese dragons.  Children's stories are all over the place and sometimes it's fun to visually represent what they're talking about.  I don't want to confuse the comic readers but I also see some worth in trying to better capture a student's imagination.  Lastly I'm taking more chances with my lettering of sound effects.  I don't know if this looks good or not yet.  We'll see how long it lasts, any comments would be appreciated and taken under consideration.

Overall, I'm stoked about more P.E.  It's a fun project to work on, and I hope that comes through in the strips.

-Jon O

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