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Thanksgiving Break

It was a short week at school and so I've allowed myself only two Public Education strips this week.  There were only two and a half days with the kids after all. I'm going to work on my page of Awful Lot after I finish tonight's Curve.  That will leave most of the Thanksgiving Break for work on my sci fi short which I may title "Spacestacean Surprise".

This was my final layout design and I've got a rough transfer onto the actual comic boards.  I'm torn on whether I should hand letter this one or not.  Lettering in the computer would be the easy way to to make it different from "Water Logged" but it also probably won't look as good. The coolest thing about laying out the story in a bigger format is that I'm starting to wrap my head around the designs for the characters and vehicles.  This is the most design heavy project I've ever done; it seems silly that it's for a two pager in an anthology.  I guess that's the point though.  I want to impress people with this.  I want my comics to be more than just jokes about and for kids.

- Jon O

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