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Last week, one of my students asked me if I would draw him a comic for his birthday. I gave it a moments thought and then found the opportunity to make learning fun.

"Narrative stories have characters, settings, and a plot." I reminded him. "A plot involves a problem the characters are trying to solve."

He had to write down the characters, setting and problem that would help me construct his birthday comic.  He asked for a superhero, the city, and the problem was a stranger comes to the house.  I came backwith this.

I had a ton of fun with this comic and through it together in about an hour and a half.  The de facto cartooning style I slip into comfortably helped me finish the comic quickly.  Despite the kids arms in panel two I think most of the comic works well, visually speaking.  As I finished, I was really happy with how the comic looked and read.

When I brought the comic in the next day I read the comic to the class and we found the characters and setting in the story.  Then we went panel by panel, explaining what was happening as we retold the plot.  The kids loved it, and everyone wanted their own copy of the comic.  I've got two other students that have now written down their own characters, settings, and plots for me to draw.  I don't feel in over my head yet.  I had a ton of fun with this one and am excited about giving the other ones a whirl.

- Jon O

PS. Round 2

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