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Mirry Krismis

Christmas is right around the bend, and I'm hard at work as always.  I did this little sketch during my planning yesterday on the kids last day of school.  I love Herriman's work.  He's one of those guys that was just brilliant and understatedly so.  Those are the comics that really stand out the most to me.  I appreciate the clarity of line, and the depths of feeling and philosophy that they can reveal.  George Herriman did it.  Larry Marder does it.  Bill Watterson did it.  I need to study more comic strip artists, they are the guys I group up idolizing and I still have a lot to learn from them.

I did another kids comic this week as well.  I think this story turned out fun, though the characters are certainly rushed.  Panel three makes me laugh out loud though.  I feel like I totally ripped off some of Fleischer cartoon somewhere, but I can't really put my finger on exactly what it reminds me of.  I also stayed very aware of how I was drawing little girls in bathing suits.  I don't want little girls to come off as sexy, ever if I can help it.

I'm also coming along on my third piece for the anthology.  I've figured out that I'm going to be putting the art together with a sumi-e/collage experiment that I'm getting really excited about.  More to come on that in a later Curve.  I'd also like to do a 24 hour comic this Christmas break, we'll see if I can fit it in.  I'm spending a lot of what would otherwise be productive time playing DCU Online.  Now that I've got some more friends playing that game really is about the pinnacle of fantasy wish fulfillment.

Hope you have a wonderful next few days regardless of your holiday preferences!

- Jon O

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