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Cut and Paste

I'm finishing up my third story for the anthology and I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out.  The translation of Verse 50 took quite a bit of time, but I think I came up with a translation that is true to the spirit of the text and not plagirizing other people's translations.  I read and listened to over a dozen translations of the actual verse and read a few books about the history of the text and faith.  I want to do the words justice, and I'm proud of what was accomplished.

The images were all done in sumi-e on rice paper.  It's not a medium I'm very familiar with but I love the aesthetics and thought it suited an eastern philosophy piece well.  I drafted tons of each character that would be illustrated on the pages and then chose the best images for the comic page.  I'm using the term comic loosely with this piece as it isn't a very sequential piece.

Once collaged together, I started lettering with a calligraphy pen (another first for this anthology).  These balloons were also taped onto the comic boards along with the backgrounds and characters.  While all of this looks really cool, the scans weren't turning out as nuanced as the originals.  Timothy had a great idea.  What I'm doing now is taking photographs of the originals.  Then I'm converting those files to JPEGs and dropping them down into grayscale.  This makes the pictures look great, it's just going to take a little clean up digitally to get any blue lines back out of the final copy.  

So look at that, I did finish three 2 pagers in three months.  My goal for the anthology is complete, although I think I will be trying to do another piece as well to substitute for my sci fi tale.  I want to always put my best foot forward.  I'll use this extra month to my advantage.

- Jon O'Briant

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