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I've completed Time Tested, and my biggest concern, by leaps and bounds, is the lettering.  It's my first time hand lettering with a brush and the results are...inconsistent to say the least.  Not only did I letter the balloons, but the character also has text across his shirt much like the seldom remembered Yellow Kid.

This means my lettering varies wildly in size and I wonder if some of the smaller print will show up in the print copy.  Nothing small is necessary to the plot, but I would like the 'jokes' to carry through. 

When I first lettered the book a lot of my lines were too thin.  't' 'p' 'f' any letter with a straight vertical line I had drawn razor thin, and it just wasn't picking up on the scanner.  I went back through the five pages and re inked letters that looked to thin.  I tried to keep letters bold and bubbly, and really started paying attention to which sides of a line I would add weight to.  The first time inking the words I was just worried about getting the words on the page.  On my second pass I began looking at each letter in isolation and tried to make sure every letter got the attention it needed to shine.

It was a cool mini breakthrough for me.  I love when you get to a point in a creative process where you can feel a noticeable jump in awareness.  The lettering still isn't great, but I tried something new.  I understand the art of it a little better, and ideally this newfound knowledge will carry over into my other projects.

- Jon O

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