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Scatterbrained and Scattershot

I'm not going to go to deeply into any one thing this week.  I kind of want to talk about the amount of multitasking that's been going into my comic work, but I also just want to briefly fill yall in with what's going on and then get back to my school work.

Public Education rolls on without a catch.  I've become really good and jotting down notes as I teach and other teachers that are fans of my strips come to me with lots of stories to share.  I don't use too many of the stories they share (some jokes would only apply to our district, some I can't translate to comics easily).  I do get some good ideas from them, and I love being reminded that people are out there enjoying my work.  I exceed my three strip minimum every week and they are some of my projects to work on.  I also sold a copy of my book today, which is always nice.

Timothy has fixed the coloring problem in 3rd World, I'm going to ask him tonight if he wants to redesign the cover.  Once we've made that decision I'll be ready to make a digital copy of the book for sale.  I don't forsee this being a real money making venture, but it does allow us to distribute the book without printing costs.

I need to ink the rest of Time Tested (my project for the 11 o'clock anthology) and get started with pencilling a page for Awful Lot to keep my page a week schedule.  I've got a window of back catalog, but I need to keep pace if I'm going to keep my wiggle room.  That wiggle room is important because I still slack on lettering Awful in a timely fashion.

This stuff needs to get done so I can direct my full attention to rewriting Maps.  As I was working on the layouts for the pages I came across a huge logical fallacy in the story.  This is easy to do when dealing with interdimensional travel, and it's just one mistake, but that carries through several pages that need to be completely rethought out.  Ah well, better to catch it in the drafting phases than later on.

My laptop also crashed a little while ago, and while all of our comic work is on other machines (and wisely backed up) I have no other digital copies of the Mera EP.  It will be a real pain if I have to find a way to record cd to cd for the remaining copies of Mera.  I should have finished the full 100 two years ago, but it's monotonous work and I had gotten in the habit of doing ten or twenty discs at a time and waiting for them to sell through.  I've got about 6 copies of Mera with the cd's in them now, and should really get the last twenty or thirty discs burned and put into the books.

Aspiring comic creators, you will have to juggle a lot of responsibilities.  Even moreso if you are self publishing as well.  I feel like I have a billion things that always need to be done, and I do.  Setting schedules and (mostly) sticking to them is important; paramount even.  If you don't stay focused and disciplined it could be easy to drop the ball.  I hope that I can do it.

-Jon O

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