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Spring Into Work

This week I'm enjoying my Spring Break from teaching.  Let it never be said that I'm a time waster.  A week off of school means more time to spend on comics.  Admittedly I've also squeezed in some time for paying work (tutoring and packing bait).  I've got to keep money flowing in.  I've also spent a fair amount of time playing music which is my first passion, creatively speaking.  2010 saw a tremendous drop in my musical productivity as I spent most of my energy into figuring out the new and wonderful medium of comics.  I'm trying to get a more even split in the two this year, as I really do love both artforms and want to make as much progress, in both directions, as I possibly can.

So what have I been doing in comics.  I've gotten ahead in pencilling and inking Awful Lot.  I may try to get another page squeezed into this week as well.  It's totally accomplishable and will give me more time for the dreaded stage of lettering when that comes back up in a couple of weeks.  Public Education was all scanned and formatted for both this weeks and next.  When I'm not in school I don't write P.E. so that's all of my weekly comic commitments taken care of.

What's really gotten the bulk of my attention is Maps.  I have completed the layouts for the 72 page book and after four or so revisions I'm pretty happy with the story personally speaking.  The layouts are all done on folded 8.5 x 11 so that I can turn the pages through the entire book and see how the pacing works in the real world.  The next step for this week is to have Timothy read through these layouts and make any suggestions he has.  Hopefully most of these will be minor, change a camera position, put this character on the other side of the panel, etc.  I do imagine he'll have some comments on major page revisions, and that'll be great.  Every bit of work we can put into crafting this story will help.  I'd like to farm out the Maps idea to different publishers so we need to put our best feet (far) forward.

As soon as I post this I'm getting to work on some sketch cards as incentives for the 11 o'clock anthology.  I know I'm about to do Mr. Miracle which I'm super excited about.  I love Kirby's superhero designs and Mr. Miracle is probably my favorite of the New Gods.  If I have success there I'll see if I can't do another one today.  I also would like to get some script work done on chapter 4 of Awful Lot.  Not to mention all this time spent playing music has got me considering preliminary work on another music strip.  So I still have no shortage of things to do.  It's been a great Spring Break!

Oh and sorry about last week's Comic Curve.  I posted it but never made it visible on the website.  Be sure to check out the entry below to read some more description on how I laid out Maps.

- Jon O

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