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Hero Characteristics

As May begins I have posted my last hero for the class to help them learn the character traits we look for when choosing student of the month.  The last two heroes are Wonder Woman and Echo.

April caught me off guard and I kind of rushed through Wonder Woman.  I think she turned out ok, but a little on the sloppy side.  My students gave me a hard time about her lips, which are admittedly busted.  I should have used less black in the shirt as well.  I am happy about the costume though.  It's mostly the new look for Wonder Woman, but maybe a little more simplified than Jim Lee's creation.  Choosing Wonder Woman for honesty was a no brainer.  The students were funny, one inquired, "Wonder Woman has made mistakes?".  I smiled and told her that everyone makes mistakes, and we learn to not make them again.

Echo is a more obscure choice but I'm a huge Daredevil and David Mack fan.  Deaf girl in a school for the handicapped rising up to become an Avenger is a pretty good show of perseverance.  I always make enough copies of the hero for every child to get to color one.  They all ask about the feathers on the sides of her arms and the handprint on her face.  I sugarcoat the handprint to "remember her dad", but the feathers I use to explain that she's a Native American superhero.  I think that's pretty cool to show the kids.  When I was growing up all I had was Apache Chief from the Super Friends.

I'm pretty happy with this Echo.  I especially like how her hair and arms turned out.

Until next time Super Friends!

-Jon O

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