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Heroes Aren't Hard to Find

This Friday through Sunday is my favorite time of year, HEROES CON!  I can't wait to find some new indy comics, buy lots of geeky crap, listen to professionals in workshops and see some creators that I only get to talk to in Charlotte.  It should be a fantastic time, and a much needed vacation.

I also spend a good full time jobs worth of time on comics though, and this trip will have to be in service to those goals as well.  I can never stop moving forward.  My main goal at Heroes is to have positive face time with different creators and publishers.  I want to be around every year reminding everyone in the industry that I make comics year round with no one's blessing, and no pretentions of grandeur.  A simple smile, let them know how much I enjoy their comics and offer trades, my book for one of theirs.  It's an awesome way to meet people and raise awareness of the website and our work.

To further that end I've also made flyers this year to promote Awful Lot, Public Education, and the website.  These are mini comic esque folded 8.5 x 11's in black and white.  Cheap and easily distributable, I can get the comics out to a lot of people quickly this way and not give away all of my full size books.  I'm not going to try and blanket the ground in flyers, that's easy to ignore, but they'll be easy to pass out to anyone I stop and chat with and any other passerby that feigns interest.  

It's been a bit more prep work this time.  We'll see if it's worth it.  I'm hoping to get a decent jump on web visits this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.


- Jon O

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