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Get to the Point

"It's a good story.  An important story.  It deserves to be done right."  Those were the words that stuck with me during a conversation I had with Timothy about the future of 3rd World.  It's a story I've been crafting for years and though we've both worked hard on the project, our complete lack of experience as we started shines through more than the actual story.  After much deliberation we have decided to put 3rd World on hiatus until we've revamped everything.

Today I'd like to share my thoughts I'm having as I rewrite the script.  Though some minor events may play out in a slightly rearranged order I expect the basic progression to remain the same.  They will travel to the same areas, meet the same creatures, and deal with the same hardships as I had planned.  The sequencing will be altered to try and get more intrigue earlier and a greater sense of danger from the beginning.  3rd World is an adventure tale through and through, but I want to spice it up with more fantasy and action elements.  Timothy enjoys drawing that sort of thing and I think the reader is more apt to be engaged more immediately.

Another minor alteration Timothy suggested was to introduce characters earlier on that would feed into later plot points.  I know what's going on, and I still don't want to spoil that for the reader, but I should hint at things to let everyone know that there are events taking place outside our view.  By having a few more characters in the story that are more "in the loop" I can reference the political plays and power struggles without giving away anything to quickly or overtly.

The biggest change to the story is going to be the pacing, and this is what I think will really change the feel of the story.  I still want the world to feel broad and expansive, but I'm going to have them accomplish goals at a much faster clip.  Long walks and slow conversations are out the window and in their place will be physical obstacles to overcome and additional narration.  The narration is an easy fix with Arachne overdubbing Moonfish and Nimbl's adventures.  I'm hoping to cut the 20 issues of the last draft down to about 10.  I don't know if I can condense everything quite that much, but that's the goal.  I've done a pretty good job at squeezing it down through the first six or seven issues, but I know that the back half of my story got a lot more dense.  I guess we'll see how that goes when I work my way through to that point.

I do think I'll probably put the Heroes Journey shorts up on the website soon.  I had done them for the first trade of 3rd World, before we'd pulled the plug on our present plans.  They're my first foray into "superhero" stories and will be the last thing we go live with on 3rd World until the reboot.

Until next time.

-Jon O

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