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Mirror Master

This week I finally posted my work on the Heroes Journey I completed a year and a half ago.  They were meant to be shorts inserted between issues of the hard copy of the 3rd World book, but now that everything is being revamped I figured I'd share these stories if for no other reason than to give me a chance to reflect on how I've grown.

Some things I've noticed apply across the board.  This is one of my first times trying to spot blacks and it shows.  Ink is dropped in big geometric chunks with more focus on contour than light and shadow.  I've got a lot of practice ahead of me on inking to figure out how I begin fixing that.  Backgrounds are also incredibly sparse.  I feel this was a holdover from my work on Public Education (Mera was a vacant world as well).  I'm doing better about filling my panels in Awful Lot, and Maps has been much more dense.  Going back and looking at these stories also gives me a cold look at how uncomfortable I am with human figures.  All of my heroes are very inconsistent, not in design, but inproportions from panel to panel.

I'd like to spend the rest of the time dissecting the second story "Think Fast".  I highly recommend following the link above and reading the story before continuing.  Revealy's follow...

Panel 3 is one of those cases of horrible proportions on a Hero.  I like how Vivace looks in panels 2 and 4, but in 3 her arms are too big, her fingers are crinkly and it's not very clear what she is doing to the Vicer.  The perspective in the first panel is wonky but seems fairly hidden to me by the crowd and tree.  I faked the perspective in the last panel too, but I think that mostly works.  A bit of praise for myself, I still enjoythe introductions I wrote to each chapter.  Silly alliteration just screams "super-hero" to me.


Panel 2 again shows off Vivace's apparently gnarled fingers, also I should never put that many lines in a woman's lips again.  Panel 3 could have been better served by some good sound effects as Teumessian runs in andout  of the  store.  I still like panels 4 and 5 though the windows should have been straighter in the buildings.

This is the page for my big action.  No horizon lines hurt, and just about any other angle would have been better to show her running down the side of the building.  Profile is just...boring.  Of other note the bars are far too thick to represent speed in a cool way, I like the effect better in the last panel where they're just black lines (mangaesque?).  This is one of the few times I've shown an action in series with my panels, I think it works moderately well, her skid at the end is cool.

Everything I've said about the speed lines still holds true.  I find the switch from black to backgrounds again a bit jarring, I should have had more and better background information in every panel.  Also of note is the horrendous nature of panel 4.  Between the decidedly weak impact of Teumessian hitting the wall, the "wtf"ness of Vivace's forward roll, and the fact that the wall is the exact same color as the blank nothingness Vivace is "wtf"ing through, and you have a disaster of comic proportions.

Thanks for reading, and please remember, being hypercritical leads to better projects in the future.  At least, that's the plan.

-Jon O

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