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Summer Loving Pt. 2

I'm going back to my teaching job next week, and honestly am pretty excited about it.  I'm teaching second grade again this year.  I'm fairly pleased with how North Carolina is adopting the ACRE standards.  Not to mention how great it is seeing old students again.  As I start gearing up for school I also (sadly) have to taper down my comic work.  With this in mind I thought this week would be a good time to look at what I did get accomplished.  I went back to my Curve at the beginning of the summer and copied my checklist.

3 updates to website

This was the gimme goal, and I got it.  I hit all of my three regular updates a week and we had several extra updates.  Including the shorts of Heroes Journey and Timothy's great sketch on the home page this week.

2 complete Awful pages

I had no trouble doubling my output on Awful Lot over this summer break.  This has been great not only as more practice with these characters but in building up a healthy back catalog of strips.  I'll keep up my normal page a week schedule for Awful, but something really serious would have to happen for there to be any risk of not being able to get the pages out on time.  I also started hand lettering the pages which takes a little more time in the inking and touch up phases but completely eliminates the dreaded chunk of pages to letter on the computer.

-Although, in the name of consistency I've been going back to my old pages and relettering them, and I have been really negligent at getting those done.  I think I've finished around eight pages of the fifty some odd pages that need to be relettered.  It's going a little better now that I'm making the balloons out of paper instead of trying to white out the images underneath the new bubbles, but it still feels slow.  Lettering is far and away my least favorite part of comics work. 

10 pencilled pages of Maps

I killed this goal!  I was scared it would be too much but I really kept my nose to the grindstone and probably finished eleven to thirteen pages a week.  I completed this project a couple weeks ago, and am really proud of the work.  It's easily the most complex work I've drawn, with attention paid to perspective and backgrounds.  I also did a TON of reference to best iron out all the animals that are encountered in the book.  While everything is still pushed through my cartooning filter I feel like the lions look like lions, cape buffalo look like cape buffalo, and so on.  There have been touch ups here and there to go back to, and I won't mind redoing a page or five if need be, but this is a big chunk of work done on our next book, which is great to have done.

3 hours writing a week

I have done a lot of writing this summer but I didn't pay attention to the times I worked and probably didn't quite meet this goal either.  I did get a lot written though including-

- two 24 page stories plotted

- one of those stories scripted

- ten 20 page chapters of 3rd World replotted

- one chapter scripted

- two songs

- better thought out (and longer) Comic Curves

I'm going to be working the scripts of 3rd World predominately for this last week, so hopefully I can get another couple chapters finished there before my time is reconsumed by education.

A few other things I need to cram in before this last 7 days expires, I want to get the better paintings I've done into my section of the Art tab in this website.  I also want Timothy to show me how to flat the pages of Maps.  If I can get the pages flatted then he go straight into the heavy coloring after he finishes inking these pages.  Coloring is the longest step and (I fear) may be the step that keeps Maps from releasing this calendar year.  We'll see how far we get!

-Jon O

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