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Well I had my latest cram session of comics creation this past weekend, December 31st to be exact.  I could not have waited another day to fit in my 24 hour comic for the year 2011.  I was successful in my venture, I did successfully complete twenty four pages of comics in as many hours, but mostly this years entry has been a disappointment to me.

My vision was sort of a timeline through rock and roll with the Professor as your guide.  What I ended up with as Timothy so eloquently put is was "flash cards".  One problem with the piece was a need for research, a lot of research to have anything to put down for each of the twenty four bands.  This is a big time sink.

The take away: Pre planning is crucial, for any serious project I want to allow myself at least as much planning time as I have on the actual creation.  Also, when creating something on a limited time frame, fiction is going to be an easier way to go.

I also should have had more of a narrative within the Professor's parts, illustrated pop up video remarks do not make for exciting comics.  What may have also been better, is if I'd put a more personal stamp in the comic and talked about how each band affected me personally.

Take away: Comics should tell an interesting story. Always.

On a positive note, I do enjoy the splashes of each band.  Minimalist and instinctual, I felt like the bands really came across as the band most of the time.  Although being as reference heavy as it was I guess I should probably expect that.

Take away: You can create a strong likeness quickly, it's the right line that matters.

I also am pretty happy about being able to share some bands I like.  Even if the comic sucks, you still can't help but take hear about a few awesome bands you may have forgotten to listen to.  And that's awesome.

Next time I probably won't be as down on myself.  Probably.

- Jon O'Briant

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