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Well, it only took 17 months but I have finally sold through my initial printing of Public Education Vol.1!  It was a complete break even financially but there are one hundred copies of my work floating around the universe now, and that feels pretty good.  Anyone that still wants a copy can order directly from lulu here

As I announced this success to different friends and comic creators I heard a similar, startling response from several of them, "I didn't even know this was out."  I'm suffering from a severe marketing deficiency and I need to rectify that on our upcoming projects.

Timothy and I are approaching the final stretch of production on Maps and we should probably start advertising now.  At least, that's what I'm starting to think.  We've begun working on some preliminary cover designs and have begun talking about releasing some teaser sketches and the like.


I really like the clean look to this design, and feel like the composition is pretty interesting to.  It's a very open line eye to design and I feel like a boy running from lions is at least a moderate draw to the book to make someone go over and pick it up.  I think Timothy is looking for something a little more eye catching for the cover art, but I think we're both going to continue playing with this motif.  Here's one of his first takes on the idea.

By pulling the lion in closer he adds a lot more tension to the situation and makes the lion a central character.  The dry brushing he used adds more action to the shot although with that and the drops of black in Elwood's outfit and the lion's mane give it a more rough aesthetic.  I like the energy of this sketch but I may lean toward a more clean look to the cover.

- Jon O'Briant

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