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I intermittently paint, and I've been happy with a few of them.  You can come up with a lot of new ideas when playing with a different medium.

This is one of my better experiments with oil.  The tones aren't spot on, but I feel like a really hit the mood.

I used spray paint, acrylics, pastels, and india ink in this piece entitled "Nanda".  I really like the colors in this, they blend in a very natural ethereal way.  The different mediums stacked together well in a way that adds depth to the scene.  I like the brushstrokes that break up the color into mountain like shapes.  It's quiet and vast, but I feel successful in creating visual interest across the canvas.

This was a collaborative piece with Joshua whose work you can see on our site. This piece is a lot more busy, but the white background makes the piece feel much more open and breathy.  The watercolors are soft and subtle.  This helps the yellow burst from the center feel like the main draw and makes the painting feel larger to me.  The blue wash across the bottom I added after Joshua left.  I feel it adds a little structure to the painting and helps give the piece more contrast overall.

This weeks Curve is probably not helpful to anyone at all.

- Jon O'Briant



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