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Cowardly Lion

The debate over how Maps will be colored continues in a passionate manner.  Having very little practice or education with coloring and it's theories makes these discussions fairly vague.  We have to really parse out each other's descriptions to try and figure out what we each mean.  I've envisioned more saturated colors, reminiscent of the old 4 color comics from days long gone.  Timothy is leaning more towards pastel like colors that keep a very strong contrast with the ink lines.

The bright colors make the entire shapes pop, and can really draw your eye from one character to another.  The darker shades we use though, the less clear the think ink lines become.  Not as problematic on the outlines, but we don't want to lose the details inside each figure.

The light colors help keep clarity to a maximum but I don't feel have as much energy jumping off the page.  Maps is an exciting tale of adventure and I don't want the images to feel washed out or less powerful in any sort of way.

Other discussions we've had have touched on the shades we've been using (Is there too much yellow in that green?  Do we need a bluer blue?) and how to find a good balance.  We want the pages to feel cohesive, but again too many colors in the same value (I'm guessing at the meaning of the word value here.) and the page begins to blend together and muddy again.

I have very little in the way of advice or pointers in this week's Curve.  I guess the takeaway is to take no aspect of a comic for granted.  Coloring is hard, and the more we experiment and discuss the work, the more questions are raised about it.

- Jon O'Briant

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