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Production Values

Timothy and I got our proof copy for MAPS in earlier this week!  It looked fantastic, I'm incredibly proud of how it's turned out.  We read through the hard copy.  Proofed a few dialogue balloons, adjusted a few last colors, and checked to make sure all of our file sizes allowed for clear, simple reading.  In a mere 48 hours we had corrected all of our last minute changes and sent the files back to Ka-Blam for the printing of 100.  We should get these in time for Heroes Con which feels really good too.  We cut the deadline close, but then, we always do.


In the next couple weeks, I will start putting all the files together for the next Public Education.  I used Lulu for the first volume but Ka-Blam is a ton cheaper.  I'm hoping to be able to use a similar format to the last P.E. but it seems foolish not to switch to the cheaper printer.  I'm hoping that this volume comes together much more smoothly than the first book. I feel with the experience I've gained in publishing over the past two years it will be.  It'd better be.

Last month Public Education Vol. 1 sold out of it's initial printing.  Currituck County Schools bought copies for all of their first year teachers!  I've been asked to speak to them tomorrow and try to "inspire and motivate".  I'm incredibly excited and so long as I have an internet connection I'm well rehearsed. This is exactly what I want P.E. to be, a tool to bring teachers together laughing and empathizing.  It's nice to see that four years into the strip people are really starting to notice.

- Jon O

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