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Summer Jobs

I've got a lot in the works this summer.  I'd like to share my battle plan with yall to better hold myself accountable for my workload.  I have three projects I expect to hit pivotal points in their creation.  Maps will be available for sale.  Public Education 2 will be printed.  Awful Lot's last chapter will be pencilled and inked.


Maps has been printed and is ready to be shipped.  My projection was the books will arrive on the 18th, which gives us three extra days before we leave for Heroes Con.  I really want these books to be ready for Charlotte.  It will make my third consecutive year going to the convention with a new book to show off, and that's a tradition I want to keep.  I could have spent astronomical amounts to expedite the shipping but I tried to be frugal.  I hope that decision doesn't come back to bite me on the tail.


Keeping all this in mind I am trying to give myself a lot of wiggle room with PE vol 2.  I have been out of school a bit over 30 hours and a lot of my time has been spent on organizing Public Education.  The first thing I did was go through the 300 strips of Public Education I've done over the past couple years and narrow it down to my top 180.  I divided the strips into 5 tiers based on humor and clarity.  The top two groups gave me 160 strips and the middle group had 40.  The fact that these groups always landed on even tens mystified me.  I broke the middle forty into a top and bottom tier and the high group made the final cut into the book.  The tedious part was moving all of those strips into a seperate folder and cataloging all of the strips titles.  This has taken several hours, but the organization is going to help a lot as I get these strips formatted for the book.


I've also inked and drawn two pages of Awful Lot since yesterday.  That finishes up my work on Chapter 5, sans clean ups and scanning.  Last summer I did two pages of Awful Lot a week while I was pencilling Maps.  This summer I plan on three pages a week and that will let me finish up the final chapter of Awful Lot before the end of the summer.  This would give me tons of time to work on cleaning up the pages and getting it ready for book treatment.

The coolest thing about three projects wrapping up is getting started with all the new ideas I want to explore.

- Jon O'Briant

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