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The Trouble With Lions

Our copies of the books made it to the house with mere hours to spare.  That was still good enough to get MAPS to Heroes Con!  We gave copies to lots of my favorite creators and the feedback was very positive. It's always nice to hear professionals appreciate your work, even in passing.  I'm really proud of how the book turned out, far from flawless, but we've come a long way.

Sales for the book so far have been pretty steady here at the outset.  It will be difficult to maintain sales throughout the 100 copies.  The book is available for sale on this very website, and I've been directing people here through facebook and twitter.  These audiences are fairly limited though.  I'm not sure how to widen my sphere of influence.

I did talk the book into another local shop tonight at a wine festival, and I think Timothy can get us another signing at a local store.  These are steps in the right directions, but again, limited by their very nature.  To get widespread penetration I think I'm going to have to get copies into the digital market.  Timothy and I have been eyeing I guess that's a plan for next week.  This week I'm having enough of a time going to the post office every day, and working on Awful and PE v.2.

To quote Bill Watterson, "The days are just packed."

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