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Feels like Work

There is a tremendous number of jobs involved in making a comic.  All the worst parts are involved with publishing, at least in my mind.  This has made the summer of 2012 a pretty down period in my comic making career. Not in productivity, moreso in fun factor.

Timothy and I have been getting MAPS ready for digital downloads and e books.  We turned to as it seemed like the best way to get into the most hands, digitally speaking.  Most of the steps have been really easy, but we both have struggled with the guided view of the comic.  For those who have not read comics digitally, guided view leads the reader through each page with a series of close ups.  Just having the full comic page on an iPhone or other device could be too small to read.  Even setting aside creative differences on how the guided view should operate, we've had nothing but problems.  The first few tries had obvious mistakes on our end.  Not setting up a single large panel on splash pages for one huge example.  After several edits, everything looks right on our end, but strange inconsistiencies show up in the previews.


I also got the draft for Public Education 2 off to the printer.  This requires an abysmal level of resizing pages, renaming files, and reorganizing over and over again.  On the plus side I did learn how to condense multiple files into a single PDF which is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to uploading pages.  Next time I'll have that knowledge before I incorrectly upload 111 pages.  

These jobs on top of the scanner and my e-mail not working has made this week really feel like work.

- Jon O'Briant

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