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Doors Close, Doors Open

MAPS is now up on and in a few local shops including Currituck Sports 2 and The Cotton Gin.  There's no excuse not to pick up a copy or three.  They're also availale through the store page on our site, of course.  I've got a strong layout for the next volume and I'm excited to start pencilling those pages.

I've also been giving a lot of thought to what kind of a webcomic a want to work on post Awful Lot.  I'm thinking that I have enough outlets for narratives that I could really push one project into uncharted territory.  Something experimental and artsy, and far too cerebral for it's own good.  I've been trying to talk myself out of this project.  I should probably spend my time on at least potentially marketable products.  I cannot deny my excitement when thinking about it though, and passion shouldn't be undervalued.

So what is it exactly that's so exciting?  My high concept right now is a mixed media project akin to Cy Twombly and e.e. cummings joining forces to make a Jim Woodring comic.  If you aren't familiar with any of these artists I encourage you to look them up immediately.  I'd like to release the comic a single panel a day.  Rather than having a story to tell I'd like to use non sequitor musings, broken up by line.  For art I'm thinking of trying some sort of digital decopage technique to overlay the characters onto some of the abstract paintings I've been doing for years.  Every aspect of the comic will force the reader to slow down and absorb every scrap of information.  A juxtaposition of images and words can be so incredibly strong, I want to try and isolate and spotlight that magic.  Of course, everything is subject to change (or never happen) at this point, but as you can tell, I am very excite.

- Jon O'Briant

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