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Summer Loving

I'm officially back to work at school on Friday. This is my last week of summer vacation.  I managed to accomplish every goal I had set forth for myself.  MAPS has been published and is selling reasonably well.  Public Education volume 2 has been printed and will be available for everyone in September!  This past weekend I completed the pencils and inks of the final chapter of Awful Lot.  It was lot of work, but I got everything done exactly as I'd planned.  That feels pretty good, though it was sometimes a struggle over the summer months.

In addition to my planned progress I also managed to write two songs and three comic scripts.  The scripts are especially important, as that gives me constant fodder for my creative expression.  I'm never in any shortage of material to work on.  In the future it may be hard for me to limit myself to one book a year. It's exciting having two books release in the same calendar year. These scripts feel better than everything in my past, and if you've been following the Curve all summer you know how excited I am at these new endeavors.

I also have started pencilling MAPS 2.  The pages are coming fast and freely; they're among my best pages to date and I can't wait to see what Timothy is going to do with them. The action is more immediate, I'm using fewer panels with a lot more detail.  I'm trying to pay careful attention to establishing shots, and using dramatic angles in every panel.  This book is going to be so fun.

So I return to work from vacation exhausted, but proud. Looking back I got a lot accomplished.

- Jon O'Briant

- Jon O'Briant

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