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Got to Admit it's Getting Better

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

I’m just a few short weeks away from being able to publish my first book (I hope) and I’ve learned a lot from my first foray into the book making business.  The scariest problem I had was something I noticed when I got back my first draft of the printed book. 

And if nothing else let this Comic Curve remind everyone to always thoroughly go over the proofs of your books.  A lot of my big mistakes were easy to see, but be careful.  Printing is expensive, you want to do it right as close to the first time as possible.


The left side is the first proof, and the right side is the modified book.  I was very scared of losing stuff to the bleed area when my book was printed.  I had lots of people warn me about losing word balloons that were too close to the edge of pages so I erred on the side of caution.  You can see a huge white border around my page, and it just made the pictures a great deal smaller than they needed to be.  I re-cropped my pictures closer before I re-sized the images the second time around and the new pages look a lot better, the pictures are a lot larger the second time and the white border is still present but more manageable.

The other big problem was with the text in the word balloons.  They've been digitized to point of being near incomprehensible.  In fact all the line work has a jaggy pixelated look.  I thought that I had a disaster on my hands, but my brother saved me a ton of headaches.  My mistake was taking my scans into Illustrator to letter the pages, and then bringing the entire file back in to Photoshop to finish editting the page.  What I did the second time was copy my balloons and words in illustrator.  Then I pasted them onto the original scans and changed the picture and saved it only once.  Bringing the art from program to program caused a lot of degradation.

Hope this helps someone out, doing everything on this book has really been an incredible, fun, daunting experience.

-Jon O