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Time Keeps on Slipping Into the Future

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

Briefly touching on the advertising, I've got ads up in the school and have sold a copy from that within the first week which isn't a lot, but isn't bad.  My book is in a near local bookstore, and they want me to come do a signing soon which sounds pretty awesome.  Overall, I think the advertising has started as a success.  We also started a Facebook page for Strips4 which has gotten a little more traffic on our website, we also were plugged on the podcast Weird Things and that gave us a little bump for the day.

My big project for the rest of the year needs to be compiling the first collection of 3rd World.  Timothy has finished coloring everything for the book, it's just up to me to get it made.  I've begun to compile back matter for the book and been planning on having some commentary on each issue from Timothy and I.  Sketches and layouts from our process on the book should also be cool. 

And then there is the normal comic work of staying on top of Public Education strips and getting at least a page per week done in Awful Lot.  It's a busy life of an artist, I bet I'd do great at this if it were my only job.  C'est la vie.

-Jon O