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You Wish I Was Your Teacher

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

This morning my class was welcomed to the fourth hero in my calendar sketches.  If you missed my previous Curve about these sketches I'll catch you up really quick.  Each month the teachers choose a student of the month based upon a specific personality trait.

November was Caring and I chose the Flash.

December is Responsibility and the no brainer was Spider-Man.

The Flash came off a little blocky though I do think I did a pretty good job on his hands and mask.  Well not a good job, but a better job than I normally do with hands, and the Flash.  Spider-man I'm more happy with, I spotted the blacks a little bit better but I'm still placing them a little too arbitrarily.  It's something I've worked on off and on, but never on any of my consistent work.  I'm trying to spot blacks in the Heroes Journey shorts, but we haven't even released any of those to be seen.  The webbing on Spider-Man is a double edged sword, it's a lot of work, but it does make the character instantly identifiable.  I love the web crawler's pose.

Just wanted to give an update, and quick reflection on the sketches I've been doing for my class.  They love talking about courage and caring every morning, and I think it's really important that we teach these kids what these big concepts mean.  The fact that it lets me mention comics to the impressionable youth every day is just a pleasant bi-product.  Thanks for reading.

-Jon O