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Power Lifting

Added on by Jon O.

I've finished four strips tonight!  That's effing ridiculous.  Two kids strips and two Public Educations.  Monday I finished three.  I know my style is not the most labor intensive, but that is still an impressive amount of comic creation.  Maybe it's my body gearing up for this year's 24 hour comic.

Here are the kid's strips I've done so far this week.  I'm planning on trying to get another one done tomorrow.

This was the strip I completed Monday.  It's unique in that it's the first time a student wrote out the entire dialogue for me.  I think that's awesome.  It's looser than some of the other student strips but I think the acting is well done, especially in the fourth panel.  That's exactly how I picture this boy hollering for his mom.


Now this doesn't come as a surprise, but two kid's strips in three hours does not come without a bit of consequence.  I can notice less attention to detail in the second kid's strip tonight.  Not to mention a drop in panel counts.  The Scarecrow and Gooey Monster turned out fantastic, maybe my best yet.  This one gets a special mention for being the first comic script that one of my female students turned in. The second comic is a little weak, but I do like the Darth Vader caught by kids.  I'm kind of tired of aliens.

- Jon O'Briant