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Never in my Life

Added on by Jon O.

Well I guess I figured out how I was going to ink this latest story...slowly. How long have I spent inking these 2 pages for the anthology?  2 seasons of Voltron's worth.  That's a lot of freaking time. I think everything has turned out well enough, but I did not accomplish the goals I was setting out to.

More correct anatomy, thinner line weights, and different brush sizes weren't enough to mask my charming style.  The character designs, while more ornate are still extremely caricatured and cartoony.  The rings around Moogi's arms add no form to her limbs, just marks.  I'm pretty proud of the layouts for the panels in the piece, but that was accomplished long before the inking phase.  I just wanted to establish that I'm not totally down on the project.

The rocky tunnels was a hard effect to try and create.  I started by pencilling a tunnel, and then adding rocks and jutting bits along those rings. When I inked the major formations there was too much white space and the tunnel sections didn't feel homogonous with the rest of the strip. I then filled in little contour hatching on rocks throughout the piece and that made the page far too busy.  My characters were lost. Tonight I put down thick inky blots over the hatch marks, by getting ink surrounding my characters I can make them pop.  It's no Kirby Krackle, but at least I feel it tells the story.

This has been a difficult two pages from square one.  I had anticipated my third story to be the most difficult of them all.  I'm hoping that doesn't prove to be the case.

- Jon O