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Not a sunbather, but I've started laying out

Added on by Jon O.

The past week I've been taking my much revised script into layouts for my next big project, the all ages adventure story Maps.  I've been laying out a few pages for future chapters in Awful Lot but I've already spent a fair amount of time talking about how the layouts in Awful have taken the place of my scripts.  Last Friday's Awful came from these layouts.

The scripts are written right on the layouts, and while they are being created.  There is slight deviations in the actual pages but overall everything is right there in the planning. 

When I'm laying out Maps I've given very little thought to dialogue at all.  I'm taking a similar approach to the one I took with Mera.  I want to make sure the pictures tell a story all by themselves.  For one, I want any age to enjoy my story.  To grab the younger readers I need bright colors and funny looking characters doing magical things.  These pages show off some of the ideas for the Tokolosh technology that facilitates my story.  I need to make sure I have a good story, with good progression, at this stage.  I've wrote and rewrote the spine of this story, I'm glad to finally be hashing out the panels.

Now I need to start working on my art direction and finalizing character designs.  Yikes.

-Jon O