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Day Job

Added on by Jon O.

After the first three days of school were cancelled for hurricanes, the kids are finally back in class!  That means I'm back to working on Public Education every day.  I'm really glad to be back in action.  Last summer I was putting the collection of P.E. together, so even though I wasn't making new strips I was still working with the project every day.  This summer my only work on the strip was posting every Monday.  I didn't realize how much I missed it before I started working on new strips last night.

Actually getting back to work on quick, three panel gags has been very refreshing.  The style is probably simple to a fault, but it always ensures that I'm excited to work on a new strip most every night after work.  Despite the clear line and stick figure work I've still managed to grow rusty over the past two and a half months.  I've used more white out on these first two strips than I used in probably two months last year.  I messed up on Mr. Owl's feet in both of the panels above.  You may think, "Don't sweat it Jon, it virtually a clone of the position, you just had to fix the mistake on both figures."  Unfortunately they were seperate mistakes on each panel.  The one I completed today messed up Jimmy's hair.  I started inking down from the top of his head for no reason whatsover.  You never see the top of Jimmy's head.  He has hair there.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to make the second half of Public Education Vol. 2 the best yet!

- Jon O