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Another Fast One

Added on by Jon O.

I'm going to apologize right up front for another pitiful Comic Curve. I've been at school for the past ten hours, and I've got another couple of hours work that I've brought home.

On top of that I have this on my agenda for TONIGHT! Not this week, this is what needs to get done tonight to stay on schedule for this week.

Comic Curve

I've obviously got this part finished if you're reading this now.  I'm saving time by posting an agenda instead of any real insights into process.  Once again, I am sorry.

Public Education

I've got notes taken for four different strips from teaching today.  I won't use all of them I'm sure, but I think some of the ideas are real winners.  I'll definitely get one done, probably two.  A few of these can bleed over to being pencilled and inked later in the week, but I need to stay on top of scheduling.  Especially with Public Education Vol. 2 less than a year away.  I will draw these in between other things that need to be done.

Art Grant

Everything for the grant must be submitted by Friday.  Tonight I'm going back over everything and making sure I've got everything in order to make the necessary copies tomorrow and get it sent off Friday. That means I need to collect my references, my resume as well as Timothy's, the grant narrative, and the application.  Get those all in one place, and remember to take them with me tomorrow morning to get everything done.  As I'm reading the application again I see that my work needs a description sheet to explain what the comic pages are I suppose.  So I'll need to get that done as well.

Awful Lot

I really need to start pencilling the next page of Awful Lot to stay on schedule. This probably won't get done, and I'll hate myself for having to do the entire page Friday evening.

 Ok enough of my bitching, I obviously need to get to work.

 - Jon O