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Added on by Jon O.

I've got to re-evaluate how to get everything done now that I'm back at school.  I'm working at least ten hours every weekday on school work, and it's leaving me tired and unmotivated to get things done.  This is a problem because I still want to me making constant progress in the comic world as well.  Nowhere is this more apparent than I completed last week's Comic Curve, and never even noticed that I didn't actually publish the blog.  Feel free to check that one out below.

By this weekend everything with the grant needs to be finished.  That will allow me the evenings of next week to double check everything and get it submitted.

Awful Lot is down to a single page a week (which is back to my normal schedule).  I need to start making sure I have the page pencilled during the week so I can ink them Saturday morning.

Public Education is moving along just fine.  I love working on these.

I need to be scripting the rewrite of 3rd World.  Probably some every night.  This has taken a huge backseat as the school year has ramped up.

I also need to actually learn how to color so I can start flatting Maps.

Not to mention two future projects I'm in the planning phases for.

Please excuse the short Curve this week.  I've got some math papers to grade, and a whole lot of comics to create.

-Jon O