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Added on by Jon O.

Now continuity can mean a good number of things to a comic fan but this Curve is about the importance of continuity from shot to shot.  Making sure the story makes sense from panel to panel.  I blundered on that fundamental principle while working on a future page of Awful Lot.


Panel 1 shows Awful coming into the ice cream shop clearly worked up over something.

Panel 2 has him walking around the front of the counter as he and Billy exchange words.

Panel 3 then has him behind the camera talking face to face with his friend the bat.

The transition from panels two to three isn't intrinsically bad, but on the remainder of the page Awful is back to the front of the counter.  This is where the problem occurs.  I can't have his location switching back and forth between panels, especially on the same page.  It was a rookie mistake that Timothy thankfully caught.

You get so caught up in other things (like the ridiculous perspective problems in the room) and you forget about some of the most basic things.  I made a patch to go over panel three and re did the entire middle section of the page.

This new panel fixes the continuity problem and gives the impression of Awful pausing to carry on the conversation with Billy while still not really wanting to talk to him.  This sets up the final three panels of the page rather nicely, but you'll have to keep reading Awful Lot to see that unfold.

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- Jon O'Briant