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Added on by Jon O.

I've cranked up the notch on my writing over the past few weeks and been having a lot of fun.  Things have been coming together easily and that has been energizing.

I've written the scripts without layouts for the first month or so of the webcomic I was talking about in last weeks Curve.  Each line has been editted several times already, but I believe I'll be able to get a tremendous lead time on this project.  As much as I've talked about my work on Awful wrapping up, there's still another 40 weeks worth of story to tell.

I put one script together over the course of a couple of hours.  A little seven page coming of age story popped into my head one evening, and I just stayed up until two or three in the morning writing everything down.  I've heard writers talk about being more creative at certain times of day, and I've unfortunately found that I'm able to write much better at 11:00 or 12:00 at night.  Unfortunately, because I'll be going back to teaching soon and these hours won't be available.

I also pieced together a new music strip with an eight song EP I'm working on with Joshua Lancaster.  The narrative seems a lot tighter than MERA's was.  I can't wait to get the outline in front of Joshua and see what recommendations he has.

Just like MERA, I laid out the lyrics in their track listings and formed a chapter by chapter outline from the songs.  Each song has eight pages that pull from the lyrics of each song.  I think I have at least a visual reference back to the music for every page, which is something I wasn't even attempting with MERA.  If everything meets Joshua's approval then I can get into the scripting and layouts of the pages.

I'm having such a good time just creating new ideas and new stories.  They won't all come to fruition, but it does give me practice.  Practice is exactly what I need.

- Jon O'Briant