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Added on by Jon O.

You may have caught Timothy's appearance on World's Strongest Mailman or Boozehounds the past couple of weeks.  And you should, because both of these comics are great fun by great guys. While Timothy has worked with several different writers throughout his comic making history I had never had the priveledge of drawing from someone else's script.  Until Jon Westhoff allowed me to work on a two page arc with Svend and the rest of the WSM gang.

My Svend

It was really interesting working from someone else's script.  Laying out panels from someone else's idea.  Always trying to capture what they were looking for and to improve upon things if and when possible.  There's a lot of strength in collaboration and I appreciated the several emails that Jon and I exchanged over the course of the work.

Tim's Svend

I really enjoyed looking at my work on the strip compared to what Timothy had done.  It's interesting how Bryan Boles character design (which is a blast to draw) got filtered through our different lenses.  Timothy's Svend is a huge brick of a man.  He looks extremely solid with graceful thin lines.  My Svend is dumpier looking and more caricaturesque.  Working with a fixed tip pen gave my character a soft, doughy loook.  He doesn't look as believably strong maybe, but he is comical.  That is a goal with a humor strip.

We also took completely different approaches to our layouts, but that's a story that can wait a couple months.  Don't want to spoil anything from Jon and Bryan's strip.

- Jon O