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Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I was looking through some old paintings yesterday and having a blast, it made me think I should take a trip through my old sketchbooks and post a few of the gems I found.


This was one of the first sketches where I started to become cognizant of proportions. No character looks too far out of whack on their own, but together they don't work very well. I made the horse extremely small and that's where the dialogue came in. I like the cowboys face a lot, and I did fairly well with the anatomy of the horse.


2011's pick shows the professor from my first couple entries into the Low Concept anthologies. I'm playing with optical illusions on the page as well which was also for the aforementioned stories. Gad and Zoar were some of the earliest character ideas playing with what skeletons would become. We see more practice with anatomy and a little sound effect exploration. I also have a moderately realistic depiction of my friend Joshua. I don't play too much with 'realism' and when I do I go very open line minimalistic.


2012, more open line, I think I did a good job with keeping her in perspective. Especially for sitting and having multiple arms. The scan doesn't bring out a lot of the patterns on the cloth and headdress, but I also put a fair amount of work into the design of the clothing.


Later in 2012, this takes another seated person and renders him in inks instead of pencils. Far less clothing and much more impressionistic. I really like this sketch a lot. I think it's very well balanced and the simplicity of his tree shadow is poetic in a way.


My choice for 2013 keeps the open areas and sense of balance of the one previous. No people in this one. The tree is rendered very much as symbols and iconography. The ukelele is more naturalistic, but the perspective doesn't really work very well. I remember working on the neck of the instrument a lot, but it just never fully came together.


The last entry was doodled last night. I'm playing with icons again with the dragon and eye. I like the little creature I drew last night. He's not planned for any project, but I think I may keep him around awhile. I'm still playing within a very open line style, but there are variances in line weight to start hinting at lighting and the sparse stray hairs and liver spots make the character look unique without being cluttered. I'm most proud of how emotive his eyes and tail are. This guy is so bummed.